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U.S. Army Unveils Fleet of 16 Hydrogen Vehicles in Hawaii

Hawaii GM FCVs
Hawaii GM FCVs

The U. S. Army has unveiled a fleet of 16 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in Hawaii manufactured by General Motors.

According to the , “The zero-emission vehicles, funded by the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), Office of Naval Research and Air Force Research Laboratories, are being tested in Hawaii’s ideal climate for real-world conditions reflecting each service’s needs.

“The military fleet of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles serves as the test platform powered by renewable hydrogen. Each vehicle travels up to 200 miles on a single tank, refuels in five minutes and produces only water as emissions.”

The U. S. Army is part of the which also includes other such players from business and government as General Motors, as I’ve already mentioned and The Gas Company.

In fact, within the next few days General Motors and The Gas Company plan to open a hydrogen auto service center in Honolulu at The Gas Company’s property at 515 Kamakee St. in Kakaako.

The U. S. Army isn’t the only branch of the military involved in this hydrogen fuel cell initiative as the Navy, Air Force and Marines are also part of this venture helping to test the vehicles and mature the industry within the next 2 or so years.

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  1. Now all you need is a trailer that has a flywheel and generates hydrogen from water or filters it from the atmosphere. …or a built-in electric system for doing the same. Perhaps the system could be solar powered?

    Hmmm… pull up to grocery store, purchase large water bottle for those water dispensers you see in public buildings. Put hose in bottle. Deploy solar panels and wait while hydrogen tank fills. 😉

  2. Great to see this initiative from the U.S. Army and its partners. I am not so impressed with GM’s efforts, these Equinox’s are last generation body style which leads me to believe that they are just re-purposed from the project driveway program. I may be wrong be appears GM is just grabbing “Green” headlines with having to do any additional Hydrogen research.

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