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Japan Getting Serious About Hydrogen Cars

I’ve talked about the building of the Japanese Hydrogen Highway before and how this country that imports most of its raw materials could benefit by switching to using hydrogen autos. Now, it looks like Japan is getting serious about rolling out H2 vehicles by 2015. Japan will be using some …

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GM Gets Ready for Fuel Cell Mass Production

In the year 2015 General Motors has stated that it plans to rollout several thousand fuel cell vehicles to showrooms in several different countries. Today, GM is taking a step in that direction. General Motors is now working on their next generation of fuel cell based upon the current HydroGen4 …

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Nanotechnology Aids Cheap Fuel Cell Development in UK and Iran

Nanotechnology has already helped provide many breakthroughs in all areas of science, technology and engineering. Scientists in the UK and Iran are now using nanotechnology to aid in creating cheaper and more durable fuel cells for autos and production of hydrogen. According to Nanowerk, “…Ulster scientists have found a cheaper …

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Electrolyzer Cuts Hydrogen Costs 93-Percent

RE Hydrogen Ltd of Great Britain has received an award of $39,000 USD from the Technology Strategy Board, UK to scale up their electrolyzer into a commercial unit that can supply hydrogen to a fuel cell vehicle. The current electrolyzer prototype is 13-percent more efficient and costs 93-percent less than …

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Hydrogen Fuel Cells Go Organic

Today I would like to talk about how hydrogen fuel cells are going organic. Specifically I would like to talk about how some hydrogen fuel cells use organic human waste for power and another H2 fuel cell simulates a human organ. I’ve talked about pee-power for hydrogen fuel cells before. …

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Hydrogen Fuel Cells Now More Durable and Affordable

I’m always glad to see articles about hydrogen fuel cells that exceed expectations. The critics of hydrogen fuel cells say that they cost too much and are not durable enough. First, the cost concerns are being addressed by researchers at Cornell University. Second, the durability concerns are being proven to …

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