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More Hydrogen Technology Coming to the Hood

I wrote a blog post about a week ago called Hydrogen Power Sneaking Up on the Public where I had talked about the H2 technology that was either in my geographic location or coming here soon. So then Stan Thompson (see his guest posts on Hydrail) suggested that I ask …

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Hydrogen Town and Hydrogen Office Projects Launch

While the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt and other BEVs and PHEVs are grabbing all the headlines and getting all the glory hydrogen is quietly making headway around the globe. For instance, in Japan, a country that already has a hydrogen highway program already in place and is expanding this …

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The Netherlands and Denmark Leading Hydrogen Charge

The City of Arnhem in The Netherlands has opened up their first public hydrogen fueling station. The Netherlands also contains two other hydrogen fueling stations. Now this event may sounds like “Oh, yea, another hydrogen fueling station somewhere is opening up.” But on the grander scale this is much more …

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Mike Strizki Helps Haiti Harvest Hydrogen

Several years ago I talked about Mike Strizki building the first hydrogen home in New Jersey. Mr. Strizki also has a prototype hydrogen auto in his garage. But, since service called, Strizki, CTO of The Essential Element, decided to help Haiti with hydrogen power. The Hydra system that Strizki brought …

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Electrolyzer Cuts Hydrogen Costs 93-Percent

RE Hydrogen Ltd of Great Britain has received an award of $39,000 USD from the Technology Strategy Board, UK to scale up their electrolyzer into a commercial unit that can supply hydrogen to a fuel cell vehicle. The current electrolyzer prototype is 13-percent more efficient and costs 93-percent less than …

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