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Cost of Hydrogen Gas Less Than Gasoline

One of the critics’ biggest arguments against moving to a hydrogen economy and hydrogen transportation system has been that the price of hydrogen gas is too high relative to gasoline. Last month, I blogged about a new hydrogen fueling station that had opened up near Chicago, Illinois that was charging …

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Hydrogen Buses Keep Rolling Out

It seems like now that hydrogen buses have started rolling out, you just can’t stop them. From Scottsdale to Chattanooga, Florida to California, South Korea to the Northern U. S. states, hydrogen buses keep hitting the pavement in record numbers. Orlando International Airport and the convention center have received a …

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Pocahontas Lands Leading Role as Hydrogen Car Driver

The next generation of autos is meeting the next generation of drivers. This is according to Honda Motor Company as they have just leased their Honda FCX fuel cell vehicle to 17-year-old Q’orianka Kilcher, who starred as Pocahontas in the movie “The New World” with Colin Farrell. The hydrogen fuel …

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Buzz Aldrin Moonwalks Onto Neah Board, Backs Fuel Cells

Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, best known for his 1969 moonwalk with Neil Armstrong (not Michael Jackson) has been named to the board of directors of Neah Power Systems, Inc. Neah is a leader in micro fuel cell technology for portable devices. Buzz Aldrin is no stranger to fuel cells, either. …

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Hydrogen Cars and Fueling Stations Go Dutch

The Energy Research Center of the Netherlands (ECN) has opened it first hydrogen fueling station on Friday, October 27 in Petten. The hydrogen filling station will be used to fuel up ECN’s HydroGEM PEM fuel cell vehicle. The HydroGEM’s fuel cell and vehicle system have been built entirely by ECN, …

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Journalists Test Drive and Review Hydrogen Cars

A couple of hydrogen autos were available for journalists to test drive and review recently, namely the BMW Hydrogen 7 and a modified Toyota Prius. Wired News reviewed the BMW and brought up an interesting point about the vehicle’s cryogenic hydrogen storage system. Because the liquid hydrogen is only super-insulated …

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Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines Often Forgotten

With all the talk about hydrogen fuel cells saving the planet, the move to internal combustion engines (ICE) that run on hydrogen is often forgotten. A number of companies are either modifying current gasoline or diesel ICE or building them from the ground up. ECD Ovonics has just been awarded …

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