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Hydrogen Power Inc. Upgrades AlumiFuel Technology

In June 2006, I had talked about how Hydrogen Power Inc. (HPI) was developing its AlumiFuel technology that uses aluminum an environmentally-friendly catalyst and water to generate high grade hydrogen gas. Since this time, HPI has upgraded their AlumiFuel hydrogen on demand technology offering a 60-percent increase in hydrogen …

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Alternative Methods for Producing Hydrogen

As I search across the Internet and especially the blogosphere, I see many critics of the hydrogen economy stating that hydrogen is generally produced by simple electrolysis of water and this method takes too much energy for hydrogen to be competitive in the marketplace. Most of the time, this is …

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Hydrogen On Demand May Be At Your Command

Hydrogen on demand is not a new topic. Yesterday, I blogged about how Drano or a similar caustic substance may one day be used with water and aluminum to produce a hydrogen on demand reaction to power vehicles. Companies like those mentioned in that blog Hydrogen Power Incorporated, Ecotality, …

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Drano-Powered Cars May Be the Future

Chemists have known for a long time that hydrogen can be created by combining a drain cleaner such as Drano with aluminum and water. This is where I insert the “don’t try this at home” disclaimer. There are many videos floating around the Internet such as on YouTube or Google …

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Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines Often Forgotten

With all the talk about hydrogen fuel cells saving the planet, the move to internal combustion engines (ICE) that run on hydrogen is often forgotten. A number of companies are either modifying current gasoline or diesel ICE or building them from the ground up. ECD Ovonics has just been awarded …

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Outside-The-Box Infrastructure Needed for Hydrogen Cars

An article in called, “Hydrogen and fuel cells: fake promises?” talks about all of the problems associated with moving to a hydrogen economy and hydrogen infrastructure within the transportation industry. Granted, there are many problems that need to be fixed in order for a smooth transition to hydrogen to …

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Water Powered Cars – Hydrogen Fuel from Chemicals

It’s good to see other bloggers such as Matt Andrews talking about the feasibility of water-powered autos. Like many ideas that start out as science fiction, some of these ideas actually become science. Not that there are currently any water-powered autos being demonstrated, but there is some research and development …

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