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Cooler Fuel Cell Will Be More Reliable

We all know that fuel cells are cool, hip and happening right now. You can’t shake a stick without hitting a news story about the newest breakthrough in fuel cell technology. But, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is adding to this list by developing a high temperature …

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Los Angeles Hotbed of Hydrogen Activity

On June 4, Shell Hydrogen announced the opening of an H2 pump integrated into a traditional gas station on the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard near Federal Avenue. A week later, General Motors announced that GM and Clean Energy are opening a hydrogen fueling station in the fall near Los …

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A Futuristic Look at Hydrogen Vehicles

A publication called Seeking Alpha released an online article called “Global Warming Up to a Hydrogen Economy” that takes an interesting peek into what the future may look like for hydrogen autos and the economy. For instance, they predict that one day, fuel cells will rely heavily on rare earth …

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Virgin Airlines Teams Up With GM Hydrogen Cars

Just days after Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines drank jet-grade biofuel made from Brazilian babassu nuts and coconuts, the maverick CEO announced that his company was teaming up with automaker GM to provide hydrogen autos at airports to Upper Class passengers. Branson, an advocate for the world tourism and …

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SeaWorld Shows Off Hydrogen Buses

SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida will be showing off two new Ford F-450 hydrogen shuttle buses starting today. The shuttle buses will tote tourists between the three properties of Aquatica, Discovery Cove and SeaWorld. According to BizJournals, “SeaWorld will use the vehicles for the first time Feb. 20, when a team …

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Florida Ripening Its Hydrogen Technology

So much has been written about hydrogen technology growing by leaps and bounds in California that it often overshadows other locations. But, Florida has also been making strides towards getting into the hydrogen game as they have recently installed their second hydrogen fueling station and are creating the state’s first …

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Florida Governor Puts Fuel Cells in Mansion

Florida Governor Charlie Crist is getting onboard the hydrogen bandwagon by installing a fuel cell in the governor’s mansion in Tallahassee. The 5 kw fuel cell will use natural gas reformed into hydrogen and produce electricity to power lights and appliances around the home. The governor’s mansion will also have …

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