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Unique Catalysts Create Hydrogen from Water or Ethanol

There are separate stories surfacing now about two different methods to create hydrogen: one using water and the other using ethanol as a feedstock. Scientists at Penn State University have discovered that nickel and phosphorus nanoparticles (pictured above) will catalyze water into hydrogen as efficiently as any non-platinum materials now …

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Duke Sees Gold in Them Thar Fuel Cells

Duke University engineers have come up with a novel method to create hydrogen that also creates nearly zero autobon monoxide in the process. The materials used are nanoparticles of gold and iron oxide (rust). In April 2013 I wondered on this blog if iron is the new platinum – and …

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Silver Bullet for Hydrogen Production May Be TiO2

The silver bullet in hydrogen production may actually be made out of titanium dioxide. At least this is what Associate Professor Darren Sun at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is saying. Under the category of the “Best Thing Since Sliced Bread and Ginsu Knives” Professor Sun has invented the Multi-use Titanium …

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Fuel Cell Golf Carts for South Africa

This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about South Africa and their intentions on using their vast platinum supplies inside of fuel cells. But, back in 2010 the intention was to use that platinum inside of stationary fuel cells and today South Africa has modified their position to include light …

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Venture Capitalist Bets on Iron and Cobalt for Fuel Cells

A venture capital company, the Verge Fund out of Albuquerque is placing its bets on iron and cobalt to replace platinum as the catalyst used in fuel cells. The venture capital firm formed a company called Pajarito Powder LLC to manufacture and market the new platinum-free fuel cells. The price …

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