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EnerFuel Hydrogen Fuel Cell Range Extender for EVs

For many years now, electric vehicle advocates and hydrogen auto enthusiasts have been at each other’s throats in regard to which alternative vehicle will be given the nod by the public at large. This week President Obama gave a wink and a smile to the EV corner as he pulled …

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2009 Rocky Mountain Hydrogen Drive by Tai Robison

Last Friday, I heard from Tai Robinson of Intergalactic American Fuel Vehicles about a promotional tour he was doing around the country in his converted 2008 Chevy Suburban that he is calling the 2008 Intergalactic Space Cruiser. Now, upon George Washington’s birthday I wish to talk about an update I …

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2008 DOE Hydrogen Progress Report Released

In 2008, there was $281 million allocated for the Hydrogen Fuel Initiative under former President Bush. This funding was for research, development and demonstration of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. The report itself is an extremely long series of PDF files covering the many different sections. So, I’ve linked to …

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Hydrail 5th International Conference June 11 – 12, 2009

The Fifth International Hydrail Conference is gearing up to talk about hydrogen railway trains in Charlotte, North Carolina on June 11 – 12, 2009. The focus of the conference will be threefold including mass production of autobon-free hydrogen, economic commitment to avoid other competing (and more expensive or more polluting) …

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Will the Auto Bailout Affect Hydrogen Development?

With the Big 3 auto bailout impending as early as sometime this week, one has to wonder if the individual GM, Ford and Chrysler hydrogen auto programs will be affected? Of course, right now whatever moves the three automakers make in regard to restructuring, reorganizing and getting into the black …

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U. S. Air Force Turning to Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power

A week ago I talked about how the U. S. Army decided to install hydrogen fueling stations to cleanly refuel their test fleet of hydrogen autos. The fueling stations are solar powered and use water so zero emissions are generated from well to wheel, as they say (in the oil …

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EcoCar: The Next Challenge is a MUST for Missouri S&T

Engineering students from Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T) in Rolla, MO have been given a GM Saturn VUE automobile, with the challenge to turn the auto into one that runs on hydrogen. Yesterday I talked about University of Michigan students being challenged by a local business to …

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