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SunHydro Digs In as Shell Pulls Out

In an interesting twist of events, the same day that SunHydro announces its grand opening of the East Coast Hydrogen Highway, Shell Oil has announced the closing of its hydrogen fueling stations on the East Coast. Is this due to coincidence, competition or something else? I’ve talked about SunHydro’s East …

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Mercedes B-Class F-Cell Heading for California

It was only a matter of time until Daimler followed suit in the U. S. Worldwide Daimler has the largest fleet of hydrogen-powered vehicles and now some of those vehicles are coming to California. In December 2009, I had talked about how Daimler was going into serial production of 200 …

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11,516 MPG Hydrogen Car Takes Winners Circle

A team of university students from Polyjule of Polytech Nantes in France won the Shell Eco-Marathon hosted in Lausitz, Germany. The winning hydrogen fuel cell auto achieved an incredible 11,516 mpge (miles per gallon equivalent). And while these numbers do seem incredible the 2005 Swiss ETH Zurich PAC-Car II still …

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East Coast Hydrogen Highway Revisited

At the National Hydrogen Association (NHA) Conference and Expo in Long Beach, California this week, I had the pleasure of meeting Robert Friedland, President and CEO of Proton Energy, Michael Grey, President of SunHydro and Tom Sullivan, founder and chairman of both Proton Energy and SunHydro. Now, in January 2010, …

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NHA Hydrogen Conference and Expo Ride and Drive Next Week

The National Hydrogen Association (NHA) Hydrogen Conference and Expo is coming to Long Beach, California next week, May 3 – 6, 2010. There are expected to be 1,500 attendees, 150 speakers and over 100 exhibitors. Two of the exhibitors I’m interested in speaking with include SunHydro who have stated that …

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East Coast Hydrogen Highway Update

In January 2010, I had first talked about the East Coast Hydrogen Highway system being developed by SunHydro. The New York Times has now added a few details about the plan including the company’s founder and how the plan is to be financed. In my last blog post, I roughly …

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