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Gov. Schwarzenegger Promotes Hydrogen Road Tour 2009

In October 2004, Governor Schwarzenegger drove his hydrogen modified H2H Hummer to LAX airport to open California’s first public hydrogen fueling station. Since then the governor has developed and promoted California’s Hydrogen Highway system. Yesterday, at the Shell hydrogen fueling station in West Los Angeles Gov. Schwarzenegger spoke on behalf …

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Tai Robinson’s Converted 2008 Chevy Suburban

Early this morning I heard from Tai Robinson of Intergalactic American Fuel Vehicles. Tai’s company converts gasoline burning vehicles to multi-fuel green vehicles including those that run on hydrogen. Pictured is Tai’s newest conversion, a 2008 Chevy Suburban and here’s what he has to say from the road as he’s …

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University of Birmingham Develops Hydrogen Ring

There was a press release put out today that basically reiterates the unveiling of a small fleet of hydrogen autos by the University of Birmingham in the UK. In late September, the University accepted delivery of 5 fuel cell Microcabs for real world testing. In April I had talked about …

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Holy Stone F181 RC Quad Copter

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