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BMW Bullish on Fuel Cell Material Handling Units

Anybody who has read this blog for a while knows that I like talking about hydrogen fuel cell forklifts and other hydrogen-powered materials handling units. At a time when hydrogen autos have not been fully commercialized, the H2 fuel cell material handling units have been fully commercialized. And taking the …

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Posted on September 2nd, 2012 By guest blogger, Stan Thompson According to Wikipedia, Willie Sutton claimed never to have said the words that elevated him in history from a habitual law-breaker to authorship of Sutton’s Law. Sutton was a notoriously successful bank robber—the original “Slick Willie.” His notoriety earned him …

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Fuel Cells 2000 State of the States Address 2012

Fuel Cells 2000 has just put out a very positive 79 page report describing the growth of hydrogen fuel cells in the United States over the past year. According to Fuel Cells 2000, “With more than 74 MW of fuel cells for stationary power and 1,700 fuel cell-powered forklifts installed …

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APFCT Hydrogen Scooters Coming to Hawaii

On August 2, 2012 I wrote about how APFCT (Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technologies) hydrogen fuel cell scooters were becoming commercial-ready in Taiwan. Some 30 fuel cell scooters were driven over 120,000 kilometers around the cities and mountains of Taiwan in order to make sure they were ready for prime …

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Toyota and eBay Turning to Stationary Fuel Cells

There is another industry passing up fuel cell autos in regard to commercialization right now. And that industry is large stationary fuel cells to supply main or backup power. Ballard and Bloom Energy are two of the big players selling large stationary fuel cells to corporations such as Toyota and …

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President Obama Evolving on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

This has happened every year that the current Administration has been in office. Every Spring the President along with DOE Secretary Steven Chu has cut the hydrogen research budget. And every year, including this year, the Senate has restored that budget. Now, it seems though President Obama’s stance on hydrogen …

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