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(by guest author Stan Thompson) One of the first visionary US manufacturers to “get” the hydrolley concept has been Proterra Inc., the Golden, Colorado, (and now Greenville, South Carolina) manufacturer of state-of-the-art, Green-tech transit vehicles. Proterra’s founder, Dale Hill, shared a vision of a fuel cell streetauto with me way …

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Hydrail in Turkey and Spain Explained

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking with Stan Thompson, Chairman of the Hydrogen Economy Advancement Team (HEAT), who just got back from Istanbul, Turkey where the 6th Annual Hydrail Conference had occurred on this past July 1 & 2. As I’ve talked about many times before Hydrail means hydrogen …

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U.S. DOE Hydrogen Program Still Alive and Kicking

Back in May 2009, I had talked about how the head of the U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) Steven Chu wanted to zero out the budget for hydrogen auto development. In the weeks and months to follow Congressional representatives restored this funding. And amidst slumping auto sales all major …

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Gensler Hydrogenerator Sparks Chicago’s Bloomingdale Trail

Gensler Design along with 4240 Architecture has just won a silver Spark Award for design excellence in transforming a 3-mile section of one of Chicago’s abandoned railway lines (pictured left) into a solar and Hydrogenerator powered farm and trail way. The idea is to transform the old Bloomingdale railroad viaduct that …

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