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President Obama Evolving on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

This has happened every year that the current Administration has been in office. Every Spring the President along with DOE Secretary Steven Chu has cut the hydrogen research budget. And every year, including this year, the Senate has restored that budget. Now, it seems though President Obama’s stance on hydrogen …

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In U. S. and Europe Hydrogen Stations Have Doubled in 4 Years is reporting that 12 new hydrogen stations opened worldwide in 2011. The information comes from perusing the information on the website which keeps track of hydrogen fueling stations, opened, planned or closed globally. According to, “In 2011, worldwide, 12 new hydrogen fueling stations have been opened. This …

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Apple iPhone and Hydrogen Batteries and Early Adopters

I’ve talked about the possibility of the Apple iPhone using hydrogen fuel cell batteries before. Shortly after Steven Jobs died I had stated that this may be one of his legacies yet to be realized. Unlike normal lithium batteries that need to be recharged often, as in every day for …

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Australian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck Gaining Ground

Australia’s RMIT University has created a small-scale replica of the Scania Highline series long haul truck, but this one is operated by remote control and hydrogen fuel cell. The full scale real life diesel version usually travels between the cities of Melbourne and Sydney. According to RMIT, “Professor Aleksandar Subic, …

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Hydrogen Cars Tested in France Pass with Flying Colors

A Honda FCX Clarity, Opel HydroGen4, Mercedes B Class Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Toyota FCHV-adv and Hyundai ix35 FCEV were all tested recently at a racetrack 15 miles outside of Paris, France. All vehicles were fueled courtesy of industrial gas company Air Liquide. I had talked a few days ago about …

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