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Suzuki SX4 FCV to Be Tested in Japan

Suzuki is once again dipping their toes inside the fuel cell vehicle market by testing the SX4 FCV on the roadways of Japan. In 2005, the Suzuki Ionis hydrogen fuel cell vehicle was introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show. Then in October 2007, the Suzuki Crosscage hydrogen fuel cell motorcycle …

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Hydrail, Climate Change and Rotary International

By guest blogger Stan Thompson Bill Thunberg and I, two of the three founders of the Mooresville Hydrail Initiative (Google it), are also members of the Mooresville NC, USA, Rotary Club. Imagine our delight when we received this month’s The Rotarian Magazine with its cover page article, “CLIMATE SOLUTIONS WITHIN …

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Germany Premiers Intercity Hydrail

  The Mooresville Hydrail Initiative, begun in August, 2003, as an invited  proposal to the US DOT’s Volpe “think tank”, reached its primary goal this morning (17 September 2018) as the first ticketed passengers rode Alstom’s ghostly quiet Coradia iLint trains through Lower Saxony—the world’s first regular intercity hydrail passenger traffic! …

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Hydrail Transition: The Catenary versus the Hindenburg

by Guest Blogger Stan Thompson A headline in the January 2018 online issue of Britain’s Institution of Mechanical Engineers publication is the latest hydrail transition landmark: Transport Secretary calls for hydrogen trains Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has said the introduction of hydrogen-powered trains is “a priority” for Britain’s railways. The …

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Toyota Fuel Cell Big Rig Truck Concept

  Juѕt dауѕ after Elоn Muѕk аnnоunсеd Tеѕlа wоuld show оff its new аll-еlесtrіс ѕеmі lаtеr in 2017, Japanese auto gіаnt Tоуоtа unvеіlеd іtѕ оwn zero еmіѕѕіоnѕ prime mоvеr оvеrnіght іn thе US. Dubbed Prоjесt Pоrtаl, the Tоуоtа has аdарtеd a pair of fuеl cell ѕtасkѕ frоm the hуdrоgеn-fuelled Mirai …

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