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Backyard testing in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell History

“Electric autos are going to be very important for urban transportation.”            Carlos Ghosn, CEO Nissan-Renault The back yard – behind factory buildings- is just where General Motors tested the first earthbound, – better to say road-bound – fuel cell electric vehicle. FCEV is Toyota’s term for the Mirai to clarify …

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Festive Times – Hydrogen and Fuel Cell History

A one-time diversion from the tedious, tiresome (NOT) history — includes fuel cells, though!! A Christmas story in three parts for the young and the young at heart – to read during the holidays ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and Santa was sad. He had wished for a small sportsauto …

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Turbulent Times – Hydrogen and Fuel Cell History

As a history essay, this treatise will dig into details –and into my previous articles– to illustrate particular actions, events or episodes in hindsight – which is what history is all about. You may find some of the information in this and following short articles boring and tedious. Don’t despair, …

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The Finns Get Going with Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure

Earlier this week, two Finnish companies joined forces to create a hydrogen production demonstration in Italy using the local wastewater. Being of partly Finnish heritage myself, I share great interest in what the Finns are up to in regard to hydrogen and fuel cell technology. In May, 2013 Finland unveiled …

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Fuel Cell Cars to Power Homes as a Standard Option?

This month Toyota will rollout its Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle for sale and lease in California and the United Kingdom, with the optional feature of being able to power one’s home in an emergency. In addition, at the end of October 2015, at the Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota will …

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Codebonus Some say hydrogen autos are the future, but in reality they are here now (just ask Hyundai and Toyota). When H2 autos become the status quo, the U. S. can lessen its dependence upon foreign oil, achieve lower prices at the fuel pumps and cut down on …

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Resources – Hydrogen

Resources – Hydrogen Hydrogen resources from external websites are listed so that you can further your education about this subject. After finishing with our hydrogen auto website, please investigate some of the many fine hydrogen resource websites featured here as they also offer much valuable information on this topic. Hydrogen …

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