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Horizon Fuel Cell Raises Stakes at CES

Horizon Fuel Cell is raising the stakes this week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is Las Vegas, Nevada. Now, I’ve talked about Horizon Fuel Cell several times in the past. In May 2007, I talked about how this company used hydrogen fuel cells to power bikes, autos, boats and …

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What If Hydrogen Cars Are Not the Answer?

Of course as a hydrogen auto advocate, I do believe that hydrogen autos are the answer (or at least one of the answers) to reducing emissions and dependence upon foreign fossil fuels. But, sometimes, I also find it useful to play Devil’s Advocate and so I found an interesting poll …

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Solar Going Up, Spreading Out and Coming Down

In auto and bike racing terms, one may say that hydrogen is drafting solar energy. I’ve blogged before that a revolution in solar energy will most likely lead to a revolution in hydrogen power as well. So, following in this train of thought, its time to do another checkup of …

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