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I Have a Dream about Hydrogen Cars

Since this is celebrated as Martin Luther King Day across the U. S. I thought I would put my own hydrogen auto spin on this special day. It starts out with Dr. King’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech. And my apologies upfront to the late Dr. King, his family …

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Hydrogen Buses Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Over the past week and a half there has been a lot of news regarding hydrogen buses. So, I want to provide a summary to each story. The United Kingdom’s first hydrogen bus has been launched and will service London’s RV1 route. Seven more hydrogen powered buses will be added …

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AVL FCC Fuel Cell Commuter Unveiled

In my last blog post I talked about how China was charging forward with fuel cell vehicles. At the Austria Tech Week event held at the Expo Shanghai 2010 in China, a company called AVL rolled out its Fuel Cell Commuter (FCC). The AVL FCC is basically a battery electric …

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SunHydro Digs In as Shell Pulls Out

In an interesting twist of events, the same day that SunHydro announces its grand opening of the East Coast Hydrogen Highway, Shell Oil has announced the closing of its hydrogen fueling stations on the East Coast. Is this due to coincidence, competition or something else? I’ve talked about SunHydro’s East …

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Spin on Hydrogen Fueling Station Explosion and Fire

Late last week two Praxair hydrogen tanks at a hydrogen fueling station in Rochester, NY partially exploded and caused a fire. The person closest to the explosion is in the hospital in satisfactory condition and another person was treated for minor ear pain and released. Now, if you’re a hydrogen …

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London Fuel Cell Black Cab Is Unveiled

Yesterday I talked about how ITM Power was putting up a hydrogen fueling station at the Stansted Airport in London in 2011. And, in February 2010 I had talked about how the London fuel cell black taxi cabs were coming to London for the 2012 Olympics. Well now one of …

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