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Bangkok Building First Hydrogen Fueling Station

Yesterday I talked about Japan opening their first public hydrogen fueling station. Today I want to talk about another Asian country’s first as well. Bangkok Industrial Gas Company (BIG), a subsidiary of Air Products, has decided to be large and in charge by creating Thailand’s first hydrogen fueling station. Air …

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NEL P-60 Electrolyser Follow Up

Yesterday I talked about the NEL P-60 electrolyser unit for creating hydrogen via electrolysis of water. Today I have some new information regarding the NEL P-60. I’ll be the first to admit that the P-60 isn’t as inexpensive as I had first assumed. Mr. Atle Taalesen, the Regional Sales Director …

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Olympics Says Fuel Cell Taxis Go, But Buses No

With the London 2012 Summer Olympics just a few days from commencing, hydrogen fuel cell taxis are still a go, but fuel cell buses are being grounded. Both types of vehicles are receiving their fuel from Air Products. Five hydrogen fuel cell powered London Black Cabs will transport VIPs around …

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Hydrogen Fueling Station Grants Cancelled

Earlier this month I had talked about a company named Hygen that was claiming that the awarding of hydrogen fueling station grants was rigged. According to the legal complaint, Hygen was saying that the major automakers were conspiring to eliminate competition in the awarding of contracts for the building of …

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Is Carbazole the Energy Carrier of the Future?

By Guest Blogger Keith D. Patch According to Wikipedia, N-ethylautobazole (C14H13N) was used as a chemical weapon (irritant) in World War I. Now it (and related organic compounds) is being investigated as a hydrogen transport material for fuel cell vehicles. In 2011 I read some news out of Germany about …

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