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Top 15 Hydrogen Car Milestones of 2015

A review of the year 2015 has unveiled many key hydrogen auto milestones. In fact, there were so many that I could not possibly fit them all into one blog post. So I’ve pared the list down to my top 15. Top 15 Hydrogen Car Milestones of 2015 Toyota Mirai …

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It’s Been a Bad 2 Weeks for Hydrogen Car Critics

Hydrogen auto naysayers, negative Nancies, pessimists, critics, skeptics, deniers, detractors, scoffers, whiners, malcontents, complainers, fusspots, gripers, snivelers, squawkers, curmudgeons, sourpusses, party poopers, faultfinders, nitpickers, grinches, killjoys, spoilsports, quibblers and defeatists have had a bad 2 weeks. Toyota and Mercedes-Benz (Daimler) has seen to that. On Wednesday last week (October 25, …

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BMW i8 Hydrogen

Today, with fuel cell technology now at the point where it can effectively run automobiles, BMW is introducing the i8 Hydrogen auto as the first of a new wave of vehicles using this remarkable power source. However, the BMW i8 Hydrogen is not the first hydrogen powered vehicle that was …

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Fuel Cell Cars to Power Homes as a Standard Option?

This month Toyota will rollout its Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle for sale and lease in California and the United Kingdom, with the optional feature of being able to power one’s home in an emergency. In addition, at the end of October 2015, at the Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota will …

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Codebonus Some say hydrogen autos are the future, but in reality they are here now (just ask Hyundai and Toyota). When H2 autos become the status quo, the U. S. can lessen its dependence upon foreign oil, achieve lower prices at the fuel pumps and cut down on …

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Hydrogen Cars for Sale

Hydrogen Cars for Sale It’s not often you hear the phrases “Hydrogen Cars for Sale” or “Hydrogen Trucks for Sale.” This is because there are no commercial production hydrogen autos for sale or hydrogen trucks for sale at the moment and it may be up to several years until there …

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