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Japan Full Steam Ahead on Hydrogen Cars

About a week ago I talked about Japan getting serious about hydrogen autos. Now they have just upped that commitment. First, 10 Japanese energy companies including automakers and gas suppliers have announced that they will put up 100 hydrogen fueling stations in Japan by 2015. Because of economies of scale, …

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Japan Getting Serious About Hydrogen Cars

I’ve talked about the building of the Japanese Hydrogen Highway before and how this country that imports most of its raw materials could benefit by switching to using hydrogen autos. Now, it looks like Japan is getting serious about rolling out H2 vehicles by 2015. Japan will be using some …

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Toyota FCHV-adv to Lease Soon in Japan

On Friday, Toyota announced that it will begin leasing its FCHV-adv to Japan’s Ministry of the Environment a few other government entities. In early June, Toyota had announced that it had acquired certification from Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to put this new, advanced vehicle on the …

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