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Biofusion Is Sweet on Hydrogen from Sugar

UK company, Biofusion’s new subsidiary, BioHydrogen, Ltd., is developing a method of microbial production to produce hydrogen from fermentable sugars. The microbes are capable of munching on glucose and other sugars from the sugar beet, creating huge amounts of hydrogen (6 times more hydrogen than before). BioHydrogen is to commercialize …

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Human Waste to Hydrogen at Treatment Plant Planned

Researchers in Toronto have found that it is now possible to create huge amounts of hydrogen at wastewater treatment plants. Treating human waste to extract hydrogen has been under discussion and development for years. However, the researchers at the Ashbridges Bay facility found that by introducing dried sludge pellets to …

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New Hydrogen Production Technologies Promising

Hydrogen production has been a sticking point in the desire to move to a hydrogen-based transportation system and hydrogen economy. How do we go about producing enough hydrogen to fuel autos, businesses and homes? Most current hydrogen production centers around steam-reforming natural gas. Much research is being conducted, however, on …

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Candy Coating the Hydrogen Revolution

Yesterday, I reported on some U. S. researchers who are turning pig poop into hydrogen via fermentative bacteria. Today, on a less salty note, there’s a group of British researchers who have a sweet tooth for using candy to create hydrogen. Bioscientists at the University of Birmingham are also using …

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