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Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen Fuel Hydrogen fuel is also an energy autorier. In fact, many will argue that is all hydrogen fuel is. Since hydrogen does not occur on Earth in any significant amounts by itself (and this point is now up for debate and more natural hydrogen has been discovered) it must …

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2008 – 2009

Hydrogen Fuel Cars 2008 – 2009 The year 2008 featured several hydrogen concept autos shown only at the auto shows, one custom-build hydrogen ICE vehicle and two fuel cell autos open to consumers on a limited basis for testing. The year 2008 premiered both GM’s Project Driveway and the Honda …

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1807 – 1986

Hydrogen Fuel Cars 1807 – 1986 Between 1807 and 1986 was a time of great development for hydrogen autos. From the first Rivaz auto designed by Francois Isaac de Rivaz of Switzerland to the Hippomobile to the GM Electrovan to several models designed by Musashi, hydrogen vehicles grew by leaps …

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Algae Pyrolysis Steam Reforming to Create Hydrogen

In the past, I’ve talked about using algae to create hydrogen again and again and again and again. I’ve talked about Cyanobacteria genes (blue-green algae), Hawaiian algae, Germany and Australia developing algae solutions and algae balloons. Well, yes, I’m actually going to talk about algae one more time (now, there’s …

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