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Cyanobacteria Genes Show Hope for Producing Hydrogen

Cyanobacteria genes (blue-green algae) have been shown by scientists to produce both hydrogen and ethanol. Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have found that a certain strain of cyanobacteria is on a circadian rhythm and has a rare linear chromosome. By day the blue-green algae works at photosynthesis including …

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Exxon Creating Alternatives to Oil?

What is happening now? Has the world gone completely mad? Recently, it looks like the Big Oil companies are creating technology to help consumers use less oil. What up with this? Shell Oil has announced that they will be using Hawaiian algae to create biodiesel fuel. And, Exxon has announced …

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Alternative Methods for Producing Hydrogen

As I search across the Internet and especially the blogosphere, I see many critics of the hydrogen economy stating that hydrogen is generally produced by simple electrolysis of water and this method takes too much energy for hydrogen to be competitive in the marketplace. Most of the time, this is …

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