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Hydrogen Fueling Station – Chevron – Harbor City, CA

Hydrogen Fueling Station – Chevron – Harbor City, California This public hydrogen fueling station is at the Mebtahi Chevron in Harbor City, California. Unfortunately the H2 pump was out of order when I visited it. This Air Products pump was integrated into an existing Chevron service station. It dispenses hydrogen …

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Hydrogen Filling Station Irvine, CA

Hydrogen Filling Station in Irvine, California Here are some photos that I’ve taken of the hydrogen filling or fueling station in Irvine, California in early March 2007. The hydrogen station was recently upgraded from dispensing pressurized hydrogen at 5,000 psi (350 bar) to one that will also dispense hydrogen fuel …

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Home Hydrogen Fueling Stations

Home Hydrogen Fueling Stations Imagine in the future, driving your hydrogen auto into your garage and gassing it up with your very own home hydrogen fueling station. Sounds pretty out there, doesn’t it? But, as far off as it sounds, there are people right now working to make this concept …

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Hydrogen Tube Trailers to Refuel London Bus Fleet

On January 30, 2014 I had talked about Air Products introducing its SmartFuel® hydrogen high pressure tube trailers. Now, across The Pond, I would like to talk about another company, Chesterfield Special Cylinders (CSC) introducing their hydrogen high pressure tube trailer. The Chesterfield tube trailers will be used to refuel …

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Creating a Hydrogen Infrastructure Gets Simpler

The problem with hydrogen autos is not the autos themselves but the infrastructure needed to support them. And industrial gas supplier Air Products made a move that will help station owners using its hydrogen high pressure tube trailers. According to Automotive World, “This state-of-the-art SmartFuel® high pressure tube trailer features …

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Fuel Cells to Cool Down Refrigerated Trucks

This story caught my eye not because hydrogen fuel cells are replacing diesel engines on refrigerated trucks, but because they will be replacing the secondary diesel engines on these vehicles. Refrigerated trucks, the ones that autory food from distribution centers to grocery stores usually have a secondary diesel engine used …

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