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Fuel Cells 2000 State of the States Address 2012

Fuel Cells 2000 has just put out a very positive 79 page report describing the growth of hydrogen fuel cells in the United States over the past year. According to Fuel Cells 2000, “With more than 74 MW of fuel cells for stationary power and 1,700 fuel cell-powered forklifts installed …

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Energy Secretary Stephen Chu Chooses Fuel Cells

In a turnaround from 2009, when Energy Secretary Stephen Chu slashed the Federal Hydrogen budget by 60-percent, he now states his views of fuel cells are evolving. One of the critical pieces of Chu choosing hydrogen fuel cells is the abundance of natural gas. Most hydrogen produced today is for …

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Energy Independence Day – Which Day Is It?

Since Independence Day was last week, I came up with idea for this week which was to celebrate Energy Independence Day as a day that would foreshadow a stated goal by many alt energy advocates like myself to be free from foreign sources of energy. But, before I gave myself …

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Apple May Make Fuel Cells Go Mainstream

Even with Steven Jobs’ recent passing and all of the legacies he’s left behind including computers, iPods, iPhones and iPads there is also another legacy he may be leaving behind now, posthumously as we speak. And that legacy is the mainstreaming of hydrogen fuel cells. Usually I talk about hydrogen …

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TU Delft H2 Race Car Forze IV to Be Reckoned With

In August 2010, I had talked about the Technical University Delft’s Greenchoice Forze hydrogen fuel cell racing go-kart winning the Formula Zero competition in the Hague, Netherlands. They had beaten a gasoline-powered auto to take home the honors. This year the team of students decided to upgrade their fuel cell …

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APFCT Fuel Cell Microauto and Scooter Update

I’ve talked about Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technologies Ltd. (APFCT) before. In August 2010 I had talked about how APFCT was producing 10 hydrogen microautos and 10 fuel cell scooters. Then in January 2011, I had talked about how the first swappable hydrogen canister station had been setup at the …

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Hydrail: A Tale of Two Metals

by guest blogger Stan Thompson When the history of railway evolution in the first half of the twenty-first century is written, it may largely be a tale of two metals and their respective economics. Copper and hydrogen are both essential to the long-term economical delivery of electric power: copper to …

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