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Resistance to Fuel Cell Vehicles

I’ve talked at length about the resistance to fuel cell vehicles from a technological standpoint, but have not really delved into the psychological resistance to hydrogen autos. I was reading this article titled, “Fuel Cells Not Exciting Car Makers in Germany” and the first thing that popped into my head …

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Industrial Hydrogen Companies Could Replace Big Oil

One of the fears that critics cite when talking about moving from a petroleum based transportation infrastructure to a hydrogen infrastructure is that somehow Big Oil will transform itself into Big Hydrogen and that the consumer will be no better off than before. The problem with this thinking is that …

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Fuel Cell Helicopter, Mini-Chopper Unveiled

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration IZM in Berlin, Germany have developed an unmanned mini-helicopter powered by fuel cell. Stumbling blocks in the past to developing mini-choppers has been the weight of the fuel cell stacks. In collaboration with the Technical University of Berlin, the researchers moved …

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Penn State Solar Cell Creates Hydrogen From Water

Penn State researchers Thomas E. Mallouk and W. Justin Youngblood, in collaboration with Arizona State University, have developed a catalyst and dye system that use solar energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The system is a proof-of-concept that was reported at the American Association for the Advancement of …

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Corgi H2GO RC Toy Fuel Cell Car Unveiled

The Corgi H2GO radio controlled toy fuel cell auto has been unveiled. The H2GO runs on hydrogen created from water and sunlight. Corgi International has teamed up with Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, who in 2006, rolled out their award winning H-Racer hydrogen fuel cell toy auto. The Corgi H2GO was …

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