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Hydrogen Highways Across the Border Start Opening

I’ve talked about SunHydro before developing the East Coast Hydrogen Highway in the U. S. I’ve also talked about the Canadian Hydrogen Highway being developed just across the West Coast Border. Last month, SunHydro along with its partner Proton Energy Systems opened the first of 11 hydrogen fueling stations at …

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Fuel Cells 2000 State of the State Report

Fuel Cells 2000 has put out an 89-page PDF report called “2010 State of the States: Fuel Cells in America” that is worth reading if you’re a hydrogen supporter. The report talks about how each of the 50 U. S. states Washington DC are advancing hydrogen and fuel cell …

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East Coast Hydrogen Highway Revisited

At the National Hydrogen Association (NHA) Conference and Expo in Long Beach, California this week, I had the pleasure of meeting Robert Friedland, President and CEO of Proton Energy, Michael Grey, President of SunHydro and Tom Sullivan, founder and chairman of both Proton Energy and SunHydro. Now, in January 2010, …

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NHA Hydrogen Conference and Expo Ride and Drive Next Week

The National Hydrogen Association (NHA) Hydrogen Conference and Expo is coming to Long Beach, California next week, May 3 – 6, 2010. There are expected to be 1,500 attendees, 150 speakers and over 100 exhibitors. Two of the exhibitors I’m interested in speaking with include SunHydro who have stated that …

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East Coast Hydrogen Highway Update

In January 2010, I had first talked about the East Coast Hydrogen Highway system being developed by SunHydro. The New York Times has now added a few details about the plan including the company’s founder and how the plan is to be financed. In my last blog post, I roughly …

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