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Sub-Nano Platinum Particles Power Fuel Cells

I’ve talked before about how we need to reduce the amount of platinum used in fuel cells in order to bring down the price and make them more cost effective. I’ve also talked about researchers working on platinum-free fuel cells, especially if they can retain the power and longevity of …

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Carbon-Based Fuel Cells Replacing or Reducing Platinum

Researchers in Canada and Japan are working on two different methods to eliminate expensive platinum from fuel cells bringing down the costs of future hydrogen autos as much as $5,000. Researchers in California, on the other hand, are using nanotechnology to greatly reduce the amount of platinum needed in hydrogen …

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Nanotechnology Reduces Platinum Needed in Fuel Cells

In 2004, a publication from Harvard University came out titled “Plasma Sputtering Deposition of Platinum into Porous fuel Cell Electrodes” that talked about using nanotechnology to increase the surface area and reduce the platinum used in fuel cells. Now, the Australian National University is reporting that they have created “hairy” …

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Mushroom Enzyme to Replace Platinum in Fuel Cells

Researchers at Oxford University in the UK, have identified a mushroom enzyme called “laccase” that could replace platinum and other precious metals in fuel cells. The fungi fuel cell would be more efficient than traditional metal catalyst FC’s in speeding up the chemical reactions. Laccase typically comes from mushrooms on …

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South Africa Pushing Platinum for Fuel Cells

The South African government has recently announced an investment of $49 million for research in hydrogen and in fuel cells. The government calls for 80-percent of the money to go towards expertise development and technology and the remaining 20-percent to be allocated for the private sector. The hydrogen research would …

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