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Obama and Hydrogen Don’t Mix According to Bloomberg is reporting that President Obama has turned a cold shoulder to hydrogen autos in favor of plug-in electric vehicles (PHEVs). According to Bloomberg, Honda is also concerned of this shift from the Bush regime who favored hydrogen to the Obama team who favors PHEVs and battery electric vehicles (BAVs). …

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Hydrogen Needs to Be on President Obama’s To-Do List

Now, I don’t generally comment on the opinions of what other people write in other online newspapers and magazines, but there is a piece in the Hartford Courant that merits some discussion. The article “A Letter to President Obama: A Technological To-Do List” talks about technology in general and hydrogen …

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Fuel Cell Cars

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars Hydrogen fuel cell autos are quite simply the future of the automotive industry. These vehicles are electric vehicles that use a hydrogen fuel cell for power instead of a battery pack. Most of the major automobile manufacturers today have one or more hydrogen fuel cell autos …

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President Putin prods hydrail ahead

by guest blogger Stan Thompson By fiddling with his oil faucets and natural gas valves, Vladimir Putin may be having the same unintended acceleration effect on Europe’s diesel-to-hydrail transition that John L. Lewis had on the coal-to-diesel transition in the USA during the last century. Recently I’ve heard two ambassadors from European countries …

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