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Algae Pyrolysis Steam Reforming to Create Hydrogen

In the past, I’ve talked about using algae to create hydrogen again and again and again and again. I’ve talked about Cyanobacteria genes (blue-green algae), Hawaiian algae, Germany and Australia developing algae solutions and algae balloons. Well, yes, I’m actually going to talk about algae one more time (now, there’s …

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Hydrogen Development News from Around the World

Since I tend to be U. S. centric and especially California centric when I talk about hydrogen autos, vehicles and the upcoming hydrogen economy I thought it would be fun, to take a break from this and point out many different hydrogen developments from around the globe. For instance, in …

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US Fuel Cell Council Robert Rose Interview and Video

EETV conducted an OnPoint interview with Robert Rose, Executive Director of the US Fuel Cell Council (USFCC) concerning Congress reinstating the budget cuts to hydrogen autos and fuel cell research from the Department of Energy (DOE) budget earlier this year. Mr. Rose comments on Energy Secretary Steven Chu’s assertion that …

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Jesse James Sets Land Speed Record for Hydrogen ICE Car

A couple of weeks ago I talked about how Jesse James from the TV show, “Jesse James Is A Dead Man”, Donald Trumps “Celebrity Apprentice” and other fame would be attempting to set a land-speed record for a hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine vehicle (ICE). Yesterday, James did just this by …

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