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Hydrogen Car Debate Has Changed in 3 Years

When cruising the Internet, looking for items of interest to a hydrogen auto audience, I stumbled upon an interesting debate from 2004 between Dr. Daniel Sperling and Dr. Joseph Romm. Sperling is the founding Director of the Institute of Transportation Studies and Professor of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science and …

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Cherry-Red Hydrogen Mustang Boosts Gas Mileage

There is a cherry-red Ford Mustang that has been making the rounds that is equipped with a hydrogen injection system that helps the auto burn fuel more efficiently and boost gas mileage. The invention of this hydrogen injection system is Larocque, Jean-Louis who holds the U. S. patent 6311648 for …

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2007 State of the Union Address Drops Hydrogen Cars

In past State of the Union Addresses, President Bush has mentioned hydrogen autos as one of the main solutions to America’s addiction to foreign oil and cleaning up the environment. Other technologies such as advanced batteries, hybrid vehicles and ethanol have also been mentioned as part of the solution. In …

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Ford Debuts Flexible Series Edge SUV in Washington DC

Hours ahead of the nation’s 2007 State of the Union Address, Ford is debuting its Flexible Series Edge SUV in Washington D. C. The Ford Flexible Series Edge uses the same HySeries Drive system as the Ford Airstream Concept that the automaker unveiled a few weeks ago at the International …

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Ford Airstream Concept Debuts at 2007 Detroit Auto Show

Ford Airstream Concept has made its debut at the 2007 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. Besides the unique design, what makes this vehicle exceptional is that it is also a plug-in electric hybrid hydrogen fuel cell vehicle as well, another first for Ford. Ford realizes that this …

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Outside-The-Box Infrastructure Needed for Hydrogen Cars

An article in called, “Hydrogen and fuel cells: fake promises?” talks about all of the problems associated with moving to a hydrogen economy and hydrogen infrastructure within the transportation industry. Granted, there are many problems that need to be fixed in order for a smooth transition to hydrogen to …

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