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A Futuristic Look at Hydrogen Vehicles

A publication called Seeking Alpha released an online article called “Global Warming Up to a Hydrogen Economy” that takes an interesting peek into what the future may look like for hydrogen autos and the economy. For instance, they predict that one day, fuel cells will rely heavily on rare earth …

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Honda Civic GX CNG to Compete with Hydrogen Cars

The new Honda Civic GX compressed natural gas (CNG) automobile has thrown down the gauntlet towards hydrogen autos. For the fifth year in a row the Honda Civic GX natural gas vehicle has won the ACEEE “Greenest Vehicles” award. The Honda Civic GX CNG beats out the Toyota Prius with …

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Hydrogen Generator for On-Demand Use

There are many uses for a hydrogen generator, from backyard experiments to electrical backup power to automotive applications to high purity uses for the industrial and laboratory sectors and for large power plants. The word “hydrogen generator” can be taken in two different ways. First, it can mean a system …

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Florida Ripening Its Hydrogen Technology

So much has been written about hydrogen technology growing by leaps and bounds in California that it often overshadows other locations. But, Florida has also been making strides towards getting into the hydrogen game as they have recently installed their second hydrogen fueling station and are creating the state’s first …

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