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The Biggest Threat to Hydrogen Cars AND Electric Cars

The biggest threat to hydrogen autos and all electric autos is not each other as many would have you believe. The biggest threat to both hydrogen autos AND all electric autos are plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV). If PHEVs are available within the next 3 years as Toyota and GM …

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Exxon Creating Alternatives to Oil?

What is happening now? Has the world gone completely mad? Recently, it looks like the Big Oil companies are creating technology to help consumers use less oil. What up with this? Shell Oil has announced that they will be using Hawaiian algae to create biodiesel fuel. And, Exxon has announced …

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The Hype About Joseph Romm

I’ve already commented about how the hydrogen auto debate has changed in the last 2 or 3 years and specifically about Joseph Romm’s book “The Hype About Hydrogen” as being overly pessimistic. Now, another kindred spirit in the hydrogen industry is also taking the author to task. Greg Blencoe, CEO …

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2007 Frankfurt International Motor Show Goes Green

The 2007 Frankfurt International Motor Show has gone green for sure. Unveiling 19 alternative fuel vehicles from the different auto manufacturers, this year’s theme is “See What’s Driving the Future”. One of the most notable vehicles driving the future is the Hyundai I-Blue fuel cell crossover that boasts a 360-mile …

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Hydrogen Work Vehicles Get the Job Done

They may not be as sexy as hydrogen autos parading down the road from one green event to the next with photo ops with congressmen and governors, but some less glamorous hydrogen vehicles are also starting to grab the public’s attention. For instance, lawnmower-maker Toro has paraded out its hydrogen-powered …

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Hydrogen Cars Versus Electric Vehicles

Jeff has sent in his thoughts concerning hydrogen autos versus electric vehicles and makes some good points. Jeff: I’m an advocate of a clean energy near future as it sound you are. I’m interested in your thoughts on hydrogen-powered vehicles vs. simpler battery-electrics. It seems to me that battery electrics …

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