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Why Not a Hydrogen Powered AeroCivic?

I’ve said before that the key to going forward with a hydrogen transportation system is to use less hydrogen. It makes no sense to replace the current 380 million barrels of oil per month the U. S. is currently importing with a comparable amount of hydrogen, biofuels or coal added …

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Mercedes Benz BlueZero F-Cell Unveiled in Detroit

A little less than a month ago, I talked about the information leaking that the Mercedes-Benz BlueZero F-Cell Concept would be unveiled at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. Now this has come to fruition. The Mercedes BlueZero F-Cell is a fuel cell vehicle based on the B-class body style and …

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Will the Auto Bailout Affect Hydrogen Development?

With the Big 3 auto bailout impending as early as sometime this week, one has to wonder if the individual GM, Ford and Chrysler hydrogen auto programs will be affected? Of course, right now whatever moves the three automakers make in regard to restructuring, reorganizing and getting into the black …

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U. S. Air Force Turning to Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power

A week ago I talked about how the U. S. Army decided to install hydrogen fueling stations to cleanly refuel their test fleet of hydrogen autos. The fueling stations are solar powered and use water so zero emissions are generated from well to wheel, as they say (in the oil …

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Hydrogen Powered Vending Machine by Jofemar Goes Public

While the debate rages on about whether or not hydrogen autos make sense in the marketplace, one vendor has thrown caution to the wind and has decided to rollout hydrogen-powered vending machines before the hungry public. Jofemar has unveiled the world’s first such H2 vending machines at St. Louis, Missouri’s …

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NHA Outlines the Immediate Future for Hydrogen Vehicles

The National Hydrogen Association last week held a webinar titled, “The Future of Hydrogen: an Alternative Transportation Analysis for the 21st Century.” The webinar sought to provide near-term solutions for economic growth, energy security and the environment with hydrogen as the fuel of choice. The speakers were Frank Novachek of …

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