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FuelCon Fuel Cell Testing Equipment Could Lead to Quick Improvement

Over the past few years it seems like I’ve talked about hydrogen fuel cells ad nauseam. I’ve spoken about fuel cells that are being developed with platinum nanowires, autobon, nitrogen, iron, doped nanotubes, mushroom enzymes, polymers, plastics, nickel, hydrazine hydrate and other enzymes. What I’ve neglected to talk about over …

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Sun and Water Create Hydrogen in China

Both the sun and water are natural companions since they are both made up mostly of hydrogen. But, the problems always has been and continues to be that breaking the bonds of hydrogen and oxygen in water has taken too much energy to be economically viable. Researchers at the Dalian …

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Ethanol to Hydrogen Fuel Conversion In the Works

Last summer I had talked about how hydrogen on demand technology may one day be paired up with the emerging ethanol infrastructure. At that time, Ohio State University researchers discovered that using cerium oxide, calcium and cobalt will split ethanol into hydrogen cheaply and efficiently. Now, researchers at the U. …

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