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President Putin prods hydrail ahead

by guest blogger Stan Thompson By fiddling with his oil faucets and natural gas valves, Vladimir Putin may be having the same unintended acceleration effect on Europe’s diesel-to-hydrail transition that John L. Lewis had on the coal-to-diesel transition in the USA during the last century. Recently I’ve heard two ambassadors from European countries …

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United Hydrail Nations

by guest blogger Stan Thompson This update follows much farther behind the wonderfully successful 9th International Hydrail Conference in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany (June 2014) than I had intended.  The reason is one I can’t regret: the cast of international players on the hydrail stage has grown so large, and there are so many  intertwining plots, that …

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VW Bearish on FCVs Outside of Japan

One may think that a German automaker that has hydrogen fueling stations popping up all around the hillsides of Germany may be bullish on fuel cell vehicles at least in that country. But, this is not the case with Volkswagen. In fact, VW is predicting that fuel cell vehicles will …

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Hyundai FCV Travels 1481 Miles in 24 Hours

Drivers Marius Bornstein and Arnt-Gøran Hartvig (pictured left to right) hopped inside of a Hyundai ix35 Tucson Fuel Cell and drove it 1481 miles in 24 hours – try to do that, battery electric vehicle fans. The entire trip took place inside of Germany between Hamburg and capital city, Berlin. According to …

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Berlin Opens Green Hydrogen Hub at Airport

In Berlin, Germany a Green Hydrogen Hub (H2BER) has just opened at the airport. At this fueling station, the hydrogen is produced using water, electrolysis, solar and wind power. According to, “H2BER’s operating principle is based on applying hydrogen as an energy source produced using wind power and solar …

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Hyundai Intrado Fuel Cell Concept Teaser

Before the most recent Los Angeles Auto Show in November and December, Hyundai teased us with a new fuel cell concept vehicle. Well, the teasing continues as Hyudai has partially revealed its Intrado concept (pictured above), well ahead of when and where it will be officially unveiled. At the March …

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Aston Martin Rapide S Wins Prestigious Award

Professional Motorsport World has bestowed upon the Aston Martin Rapide S (pictured above), the prestigious Powertrain of the Year award. Representatives for Alset Global and Aston Martin received the award in Cologne, Germany on November 12, 2013. According to the press release, “The Aston Martin Hybrid Hydrogen Rapide S was …

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Elon Musk Calls Hydrogen Cars a Bunch of BS

High flying tech magnate Elon Musk, who is the CEO of SpaceX and battery electric automaker Tesla Motors, recently called hydrogen autos a bunch of BS. He has a reason for doing this. According to Bloomberg, “Behind Musk’s protestations is the fact that his Tesla competes for resources with hydrogen …

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