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Gov. Schwarzenegger’s Inauguration Featuring Fuel Cell Vehicles

Even though California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will miss his own pre-inauguration activities due to a broken leg, the event will still feature hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Celebrities, dignitaries and other notables will be toted around in hydrogen autos made by Ford, General Motors, Toyota, Honda, DaimlerChrysler, Honda, Nissan and Volkswagen.

In addition, Santa Clara VTA and AC Transit out of Oakland will provide hydrogen-powered fuel cell buses during the event. The buses are equipped with fuel cells made by Ballard and UTC Power.

The hydrogen vehicles are part of the event, which is featuring manufacturers of environmentally friendly technology such as hydrogen, solar, wind and other technologies. Tree planting, gardening and organic foods will also be featured.

Earlier in the holiday season, Governor Schwarzenegger and wife, Maria Shriver lit the annual Christmas tree at the Capital Building in Sacramento. The tree was also powered by hydrogen fuel cell.

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