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Future Ridez TV Show on PBS to Air this Summer

Last week, I spoke with Dale Morris who was the executive producer of a classic auto show, “World of Collector Cars” that was broadcast for 9 consecutive years on 150 PBS stations across the United States and syndicated in 11 countries. During his tenure as executive producer, Mr. Morris had the opportunity at various events to meet many alternative fuel vehicle designers and builders. He became convinced that we. as a world, would soon have to change our transportation habits.

Today, a few years later, RevCom Productions is fast-tracking a new weekly alternative fuel TV show called “Future Ridez.” Mr. Morris is convinced that a weekly, nationally broadcast show is needed to help educate the public. Future Ridez will be dedicated to featuring what alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) are currently available and the alternative fuels that power them. The show will offer a generous sampling of hydrogen autos as part of the AFV programming. Future Ridez is scheduled to begin broadcasting this summer, though they still have some funding issues to work through.

I asked Mr. Morris who the intended audience for the Future Ridez is and he said, “I want to appeal to Motorheads. I see a shift in things happening now. The old guys, the Street Rodders are dying off. This show is for the new Motorheads. In Northern California, we have a great deal of development going on in regard to AFVs and as a weekly show we will not only cover the big guys such as Toyota and Ford, but those who are working in their garages on new vehicles as well.”

If you would like to make sure that this TV show becomes a reality, then do as I did last week and take a moment and write . Let them know that you’re interested in seeing the Future Ridez TV series this summer and that this kind of programming is necessary to educate the public about AFVs.

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