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Earth Day Celebration of Hydrogen Cars

Well, this is the official Earth Day, not the corporate sponsored one that most people will celebrate on April 22, 2007. Today, the founder of , John McConnell will be at Laguna Beach, California to ring in the celebration of Mother Earth. The official and original Earth Day dates back to 1970, when the first publicly sanctioned celebration took place to promote peace, justice and stewardship of the environment and planet. It has been celebrated ever since upon the March equinox.

So, in honor of the real Earth Day, I though I would check around and see what kind of discussions are happening on other blogs about hydrogen autos (now, there’s a surprise!). Upon a blog called the , I found a discussion about fuel cell vehicles being the future of automotive technology along with the pros and cons of using hydrogen. Some readers with varying points of view are also weighing in with their opinions as well.

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