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2006 World of Cars Catalog Free Download

Yesterday, I was ed by the son of the editor of the World of Cars catalog who stated that the 2006 edition is available for free download. The catalog is a huge directory of automobiles, organized by country, autorying over 1,400 makes and 8,000 models including a handful of hydrogen autos as well.

The World of Cars catalog has been published since 1991 and originates in Poland. This is the second year an English addition has been created. This catalog gives the reader a chance to see makes and models of autos in 60 other countries that have never been shown before in this country.

This is a time-limited free download and will most likely expire on Christmas Day. Be aware though that the PDF file is also huge at it comes in at over 60 mb so the download time for some people will be considerable.

If interested, go to the World of Cars website and then click on the Download PDF link and then go run some errands (or go to bed). Once you return, check out all of the cool autos from around the world. Imagine that a few years from now, half of all of the automobiles in this catalog will be filled with hydrogen autos.

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Hydro Kevin Kantola
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