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Los Angeles Hotbed of Hydrogen Activity

On June 4, Shell Hydrogen announced the opening of an H2 pump integrated into a traditional gas station on the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard near Federal Avenue. A week later, General Motors announced that GM and Clean Energy are opening a hydrogen fueling station in the fall near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to help the participants in Project Driveway refuel close to home.

Tomorrow, the Shell Hydrogen station on Santa Monica Boulevard officially opens and the California Air Resources Board is expected to talk about the funding for three additional hydrogen fueling stations in California under Governor Schwarzenegger’s Hydrogen Highways Initiative.

And, if this weren’t enough, the Honda FCX Clarity will start rolling out July 1 in the Los Angeles area to a small group of celebrities and other notables that I’ve already talked about. Jamie Lee Curtis and husband Christopher guests lead the A list of celebrities while Jon Spallino and family continue the tradition of a regular family leasing a Honda FCX (something they have done since 2005).

So, for fans who are hyper over hydrogen this summer, a trip may be in order to catch a glimpse of what the future holds in regard to fuel cell autos and public hydrogen refueling stations. Hey, Disneyland isn’t for everyone.

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  1. Avatar

    As I am given to understand it L.A. was picked as a test sight for the first commercial hydrogen station.
    With a 100 autos leased localy. Any comments to that?

  2. admin

    The first commercial hydrogen fueling station to my knowledge opened in Iceland several years back. The 100 hydrogen autos leased around the Los Angeles area may or may not be factually correct. Honda has stated they will lease 200 autos over 3 years time split between Japan and the U. S. Add to this up to 100 vehicles by GM split between LA, NYC and Washington DC. and add to this up to 100 vehicles demoed in the U. S., Germany and elsewhere by BMW.

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