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Air Products Dedicates 600-Mile Hydrogen Pipeline

I’ve talked about the company Air Products many times in the past as one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of hydrogen gas. Now, the company has dedicated the world’s largest hydrogen pipeline running between Texas and Louisiana.

According to , “Air Products, the leading global hydrogen provider, formally dedicated its Gulf Coast Connection Pipeline connecting the Houston Ship Channel to New Orleans …

“…Air Products had operated two hydrogen pipeline systems in Texas and Louisiana before joining them with a new 180-mile segment. The 600-mile pipeline span is fed by more than 20 hydrogen production facilities, giving Air Products the world’s largest hydrogen plant and pipeline supply network.”

Now why is this important to hydrogen autos? First, the naysayers talk about there being zero hydrogen infrastructure in the U. S. Well, this is wrong. There is some hydrogen infrastructure including pipelines, refueling stations in some states, and manufacturing facilities in some states.

It’s also important because Air Products is one of the leading companies that build, operate and supply gas to hydrogen fueling stations. While it’s true that there is much more work to be done, it’s also true that pipe by pipe, station by station, auto by auto the work is getting done. It’s not as fast as some people would like, but we are still moving forward one success at a time.

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