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Walmart to Purchase 1,738 New Fuel Cells for 6 New Sites

Right now, Walmart has 535 Plug Power GenDrive fuel cell units in operation at two distribution sites in Canada and one in the United States. The fuel cells provide power to material handling units such as forklifts in the distribution centers.

And Walmart has found the fuel cell forklifts to be of such good value that it has gone ahead and ordered 1,738 more units to be deployed over the next two years. The units will power material handling units at an additional six Walmart locations in North America.

According to Andy Marsh, CEO at Plug Power, “This agreement is a tripling of Walmart’s commitment to Plug Power’s fuel cells, and is encouraging because it comes from a company with so much experience using our product. This is a milestone for Plug Power and its ongoing business relationship with Walmart. Plug Power’s GenDrive products have a positive impact on the productivity of our customer’s operations. We have proven to be a trusted partner and are confident that GenKey will enhance Walmart’s material handling operations.”

Besides the GenDrive fuel cells, Walmart is also purchasing the hydrogen fueling infrastructure needed for the material handling units along with a six-year service contract for all six sites.


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    Having heard Plug Power’s earnings call today, and reading your article, I am wondering if Walmarts and Lowes are planning to build hydrogen infrastructure so thye can refuel hydrogen auotmobiles? This makes sense as it will draw more autos into their parking lots as hydrogen autos gain in popularity. What are your thoughts?

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