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Two European Companies Say FC Forklifts Years Away

I always like reading about self-interested companies using other technology saying that hydrogen fuel cell technology is years away and that some form of battery is what businesses should buy for at least the next 10 years. This is exactly what is being said in .

The main (erroneous) points the article makes are lead acid and lithium-ion batteries are better than fuel cells in forklifts because:

1. Batteries counterbalance the forklifts (or in reality add weight, which as we know reduces range and operating time)
2. Hydrogen has to be cooled into liquid form to be usable in forklifts
3. The only ways to produce hydrogen are fossil fuels, nuclear power, wind, solar and bio-mass
4. Hydrogen forklifts take 3 minutes to refuel and battery forklifts take 10 minutes to recharge
5. Hydrogen forklift technology is not readily available

These European battery and forklift makers need to see what is going on in the U. S. as perhaps they could learn a lesson or two about the advantages of hydrogen fuel cell forklifts.

Even though Europe may be leading the charge when it comes to putting up hydrogen fueling infrastructure for autos, ironically in the forklift marketplace they are a little behind the times.

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    That’s good for operation side. However, we should consider liquid hydrogen fuel used as forklift fuel. Hydrogen flammability is higher that fossil fuel as well as the pressure.
    The hazard may double if the forklift runs in a closed space or building.

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