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Emeryville, California Gets New Hydrogen Fueling Station

Emeryville H2 Station
Emeryville H2 Station

Emeryville, California which is just north of Oakland, has received a very special gift this week – a new hydrogen fueling station. The station which was built by the Linde Group was delivered to AC Transit, a municipal bus company that operates in the Emeryville, Oakland and Berkeley, California areas.

According to the , “The Emeryville hydrogen fueling station, which began operating in late 2011, is one of two Linde is supplying to AC Transit. The second, located at the Oakland operating division, is expected to begin operating in 2013. Both stations are part of AC Transit’s HyRoad project, which seeks to demonstrate the commercial viability of hydrogen fuel cell technology for the public transport industry.

“Replacing diesel with hydrogen fuel completely eliminates vehicle tailpipe emissions. The California Air Resources Board estimates that fuel cell buses will deliver a net reduction of 2.7 pounds of autobon dioxide per mile using hydrogen reformed from methane, and 6.3 pounds per mile using hydrogen derived from solar, wind, or other renewable sources. Each bus is projected to travel 36,000 miles per year, reducing autobon emissions by 44 metric tons per year when using methane as a source of fuel, or 103 metric tons using renewables.”

In California there are 3 different hydrogen bus demonstration programs currently underway. AC Transit, Sunline Transit Agency and Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority are all testing hydrogen buses and H2 fueling stations.

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