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Burbank California Getting Two Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses

Retired comedian and the former King of Late Night TV, Johnny Carson used to make non-stop jokes about the city of Burbank, California. Before Jay Leno took over the Tonight Show, gave it to Conan and took it back, there was Johnny Carson cracking jokes from the studio located in “beautiful downtown Burbank.”

But, now many years , Burbank is cleaning up its image by enlisting the help of two hydrogen fuel cell zero emissions transit buses. The buses are made by Proterra and contain both a fuel cell and a bank of lithium titanate batteries, making them hybrid buses.

Each fuel cell bus has a range of over 250 miles which is double the range of what the other diesel powered buses can achieve. The ultra-quiet buses were designed with light weight materials and paid for using state grants.

So, beautiful downtown Burbank which was spoken of sarcastically decades ago by the King of Late Night TV is making its move to shed the sarcasm in favor of realism and clean air for all who travel there.

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Hydro Kevin Kantola
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    I love this Bus and would love to be involved in working on Fuel Cell Hydrogen in my area.Can people suggest how to do this.I have tried.
    Florida always behind California and this is a problem for now we as Floridians who hate oil Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.We are truly in trouble for our wonderful beaches are to be hit our fish”Food Supply”. I was at the 1970’s spill and if you have been at one of these spills What A Horrible Mess. Oil drilling is a real problem.It takes years to cleanup.
    Protect the King Of The Sea ( Scamp, Shrimp Scallops Clams and on and on) WHAT A MESS.

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    Riautodo Villalonga

    Me personal I have been in this field trying to run my auto in pure Hydrogen for almost a year, but for now I have my 1999 Lincoln Navigator and My 1999 Ford F-250 Diesel Truck running with Hydrogen Dry Cell, and My millage when Up in the Navigator from 14 to 20 MPG in highway and my Ford F-250 Diesel from 15 to 20 MPG highway, but the must important is my two autos have zero emission pollution, I read it with my Carbon Monoxide digital alarm, the reading is ZERO, We need to do something for the next generation and for our planet.

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    How much do these things cost?

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