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Hydrogen Helicopter Dragonfly DF1 for Personal Transport

I’ve talked several times in the past about using hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) as clean, zero emissions fuel for all kinds of vehicles including autos, jetpacks, planes, trains and even spacecraft. A little earlier this year another vehicle came onto the scene which is a hydrogen peroxide powered personal helicopter.

The Avimech Dragonfly DF1 weighs just 230 lbs and can autory a payload of up to 800 lbs. The Dragonfly is a tip-jet helicopter meaning the vehicle is powered from nozzles at the tip of the rotors. Hydrogen peroxide flows over a catalyst creating pressure and setting the rotors in motion.

Here is a video from 2009 about a of the Dragonfly DF1. The company is calling the Dragonfly DF1 the first ever environmentally responsible aviation (ERA) helicopter since the only byproduct is a little steam.

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