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U. S. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus Report Card

NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) has come up with a report outlining the current status of fuel cell buses in the United States. To date, 20 fuel cell buses have been demonstrated and 15 more are planned for operation over the next 4 years.

Fuel cell buses make for ideal demonstration vehicles because they are centrally located and centrally fueled professionally maintained and operated. Fuel cell buses also act as giant billboards to get the message of clean hydrogen technology out before the public like few other mediums can.

The report outlines a lot of technical information regarding the operation of fuel cell buses by VTA, AC Transit and Sunline operators. In the U. S., hydrogen buses are currently being demonstrated in Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii and California. In California, the buses are being demoed at San Jose, Thousand Palms, Oakland and one is in development for use in Burbank as well.

Perhaps when Jay Leno is finished driving his BMW Hydrogen 7 luxury auto around Burbank, he may go slumming and ride the hydrogen bus as well. No muss, no fuss, take the hydrogen bus. Hey, it could happen.

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