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Scottsdale, AZ Company Producing Hydrogen-On-Demand Bus

Alchemy Enterprises, Limited of Scottsdale, Arizona is coming out with a bus that will run on hydrogen-on-demand. Backed by a $12.5 million placement from Brookstreet Securities of Irvine, California, Alchemy is acquiring a from Hydrogenics Corporation of Ontario, Canada and refitting it with their own Hydratus system.

The Hydratus system does not use huge tanks of compressed or liquid hydrogen as do other autos, trucks or buses on the road. The Hydratus system uses a mix of magnesium and water and creates hydrogen as needed.

Only about half a cup of hydrogen is stored at any one time in the vehicle, making this an added safety feature. The hydrogen-on-demand that is created is then run through a fuel cell, which creates electricity to power the bus.

Alchemy plans to use the bus for an educational tour to promote hydrogen technology and to let people know that they are changing their name to Ecotality. The name change is an effort to align the company with its focus on environmental technologies. The bus, when it rolls out in December 2006, is to be called the “Ecotality Learning Center.”

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  1. WTF! Where is a reasonable explaination of Ecotality’s “Hydratus?” It is just a concept….and a patent pending at this point. Until Ecotality even crudely explains the process at their website (or wherever), none of what they claim can be considered genuine….EVEN if they partner with NASA/JPL!

  2. Reard about this in Fall of 2006 from Myers’ Secret Stocks Newsletter…..really hyped at the time…decided to look at the ACHM stock on the OTCBB…..could not find the symbol or the Company!! Changed name to: Ecotality … symbol? It sounds viable….usually the Naysayer standing in the middle of the road and yelling “IT CAN’T WORK” gets knocked on his ass by somebody making it work!!!! (Watch out, though…if you keep and open mind people have a propensity to “THROW GARBAGE IN IT!!”) Perhaps they are on to something, however!!

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