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Michigan Railway Hydrogen Super Highway Envisioned

Hydrogen Light RailSo, just how does one save Detroit when the Big 3 Automakers are tanking further into insolvency? One answer, in addition to building new autos, is to put the autoworkers to task building a solar and hydrogen powered light railway MagLev system from Detroit to Lansing, Michigan.

The Interstate Traveler Company LLC, would be putting on the project and will use only private investors and no state money to do so. , however, will need permission of the State to use the right-of-way land next to the freeways to construct the light rail system.

The intention is the split the profits 50-50 with the state and local communities, so this will put people to work and be a money generator for locals as well. The hydrogen train will use its maglev power upon stainless steel tracks to accelerate to 200 mph. The rail train will autory passengers and freight as well. Fiber optics will also travel along the railway system adding another benefit to the system.

This hyrail or hydrail system (depending upon who you ask for the derivation) will also transport various liquid and vapor based fuels, electricity, liquid waste and potable water. The price tag for this project will cost around $15 million per mile to build, though the utility clustering model is expected to be a large revenue generator that will quickly recoup the investments.

If approved by the State of Michigan, this hydrogen light rail project could start as early as 2010.

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